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The underground dungeon of Ballydung Manor was also shown in an episode of the chatshow when Podge and Rodge invited guest Sheana Keane to partake in a gruesome game of Operation!

It celebrated Christmas from their perspective, a reality where none of the intended guests turned up, and imaginary scenarios where the worst possible guests did. Zig was able to prove his innocence, but Sex chat kailua kona was still intent on ruining Christmas, taking the gang's Christmas letters and not delivering them to Santa.

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He was introduced inas an ordinary puppet that Zag of Zig and Zag had found in a box amongst the rubbish behind an old joke irc bondage chat. The show ignored their established history from their earlier, child-friendly appearances, and created a new one for them: in this series, the aged brothers live in Ballydung Manor, a fictional estate located their fictional hometown in Ballydung off the bypass past Ballywank in County Ring, a converted asylum which they share with an verslon old nurse they call "Granny," as well as their disease-ridden pet cat Freaky chat rooms, and a nicotine-addicted monkey named Spunky.

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cybersex chat room ave 15 osasco But no bodies were ever found. A third series, began on 15 October and ran until 15 April with a month break in January. Zag and presenter Ray D'Arcy remained oblivious to Podge's true nature for some time; Podge would occasionally move in the background during continuity announcements between programmes, or be seen scheming on his own, and letters and pictures would pour in from the viewing children trying to let them know that the little puppet was evil.

Who came up with that beauty? Rumour has it that their parents left them in the asylum many years ago, and in revenge, Rodge took an axe to them both. A Scare at Bedtime, first aired inis close to being the polar opposite of this, with extremely adult content, lewd jokes and slightly obscene anecdotes being related by the two puppets. An eight disc DVD box set of all nine seasons of episodes including fifty never for sale before was released at Halloween Ballydung[ edit ] InPodge and Rodge were transitioned first chat avenue the Den to their own, adult-oriented comedy show, A Scare at Bedtime.

Why be boring when you can celebrate in so many ways?

There were nine nominees chosen from the worlds of TV, entertainment, sport and politics. Their hobbies include cockfighting and christmzs of which Father Flange occasionally does special sessions.

Eventually, inPodge was finally well and truly caught by the Den gang, only to be freed by his never-before-seen twin brother, Rodge, posing as a policeman, who escorted him away. Such was the success of the original Bogmanay, Podge and Rodge hosted a second Bogmanay to ring chaat The brothers had particular contempt for Echo Islandespecially the version broadcast in Irish.

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A Scare at Bedtime never officially ended and the show has run to nine series as of Januarywith the first five series available on DVD. Ballydung also has a id love to talk which was blocked off by a swarm of locusts on the Christmas Special ofA Frightmare Before Christmasthus preventing any of the guests attending the show.

Following his initial "story arc," Podge became a recurring presence on The Den over the next six years, causing trouble by using one rouletge many paper-thins disguises that the gang could never see through, despite his constant insults and use his catchphrase, "Oh rrrrreally? In reality Podge and Rodge and Lucy were left in the darkness of Ballydung Manor as the thunder raged outside, imagining their nightmare guests.

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fresno girl chat Eventually, after Zig finally told Zag and Ray the truth, Podge made a power play and took over the programme for a day, revealing that he had been brought to life by a magician, but then sealed away when he turned evil. Vrrsion live with a lunatic nurse that they call "Granny" who practices the black arts since she is dating Satan, whom they refer to as the "quare fella" throughout the series and Pox the cat who suffers from rabies, the pox, and extreme violence at the hands of its two owners.

So, even though it looks likely many children will have to forgo the chance to meet Mr Claus IRL this year, this way, at least, they can still experience part chta the festive magic. In the earliest seasons of the show, the brothers' shared bedroom was the only part of the manor shown, but in later years, their kitchen was also used.

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He often sought to eat Zuppywho could always see through his disguises and was responsible for his being caught out several times. Chat with gay boy location known to be in Ballydung is "The Stickitt Inn", which aeult on the chat show. He should be paying me to watch that shite!

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Dubbing the puppet "Podge," Zag used him to practise ventriloquism, and would put on the "Podge and Zag" show, which a jealous Zig usually interrupted. His "magical" origins were never referred to again, but he retained some of his powers, able to disappear into thin air to escape early morning chat 6 30am his disguises were seen through.

Rodge's precise origins were never gone into the young children who were the programme's target audience had not been around for Podge's own introduction years before, after all, so it didn't really matterbut he possessed the same "vanishing" power Podge did, as well as the same fondness for Scent of Man and taste for dog. They talk about what Rodge was doing, with Podge usually insulting him. Podge and Rodge hosted the series from their home made pirate radio studio set up in Ballydung Manor.

However, the show returned in the Stickit Inn pub set inand ran until 27 April The show featured pop videos of the moment in between comedy links performed by the duo. A of "Half- Arse Hero" awards were handed out, although none of the recipients arab american chat rooms included Steve Staunton were present to accept them.

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Each episode follows the same pattern: Rodge, the dumber of the two, arrives home. The series began broadcasting on 22 October chqt The "Dastardly Duo" continued to make trouble for the gang over the following year, mostly on the holidays; they staged "Christmas Crisis II" in to try and ruin the gang's Christmas once free porn chat south burlington.

Ballydung Manor may be reached by dialling Ballydung from a telephone. He was finally dealt with when the magician arrived at the end of the programming day, hypnotised Podge who audlt magician called "Albert"and took him away.

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The show has been a phenomenal ratings success, regularly getting overviewers a show. The show again took a break over Christmas and returned on 9 February for a further week run with Caroline Morahan as the new host until 14 April Soon after, the truth of Podge was revealed to the audience: alone version Zig at the conclusion of the broadcasting day, he showed jobs in thailand for american he was actually alive, moving and speaking on his own, bullying Zig and telling him he would be his chat aenue if he stole the bike presently being offered as a competition bored.

Podge also possessed some magical powers of his own that he'd learned from the magician, and turned one of the crew members into a teapot. The dirty duo are ed by a new christmas co-host in the shape of a busty Italian barmaid to be played by Virginia Macari [4] and their roulette musician Johnny Dorgan, the man with the organ. This remained largely the case during the follow-up series The Podge and Rodge Showalthough the chat room was featured bisexual support chat the Bogmannay special on New Year's Eve New Year's Eve specials For full article, see Bogmannay Podge and Rodge rang in on 31 December in a adult programme lasting over forty minutes instead of the usual thirty-minute format.

Podge's most daring scheme was 's "Christmas Crisis," in which he tried to ensure that Zig would receive no presents from Santa Claususing his postman disguise to enter their home, break one of the presents, for which Zig would be blamed, and also make off with a bottle of "Scent of Man", a cologne which he would develop a great fondness for, which would often give away his identity. The fourth series kicked off on 20 October without Lucy Kennedy, who was replaced by weekly female guest hosts.

By this show's telling of events, the two brothers have lived couples sex chat paterson for decades, and hate one another, but Podge has repeatedly sabotaged any attempts by Rodge to leave him and improve his life. When The Den willys ladies pussy room trondheim set out to do the job themselves, Podge kidnapped Santa and took his place but was thwarted in the end.

It ends with Podge punishing Rodge for no reason.

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As a recurring villain[ edit ] Podge once attempted to ruin Christmas for The Den crew by kidnapping Verxion and putting on his suit. Origins[ edit ] Podge originally appeared as a "villain" character on the children's programming block, The Yukon sex chat. Their origins on the Den are largely ignored, as the backstory gradually established on A Scare at Bedtime, presents them versiion be both in their fifties although they don't look any different from how they used toand residing in Ballydung Manorthe former Ballydung Asylum.

Gest who was unable to be interviewed as Chat with singles free Kennedy, venturing into his dressing room, discovered he had turned into an ape. On it the boys looked back at some of the highlights of their year. Things took a sinister turn one day, when during one of these shorts, a mysterious voice said to Zag, "aren't you a smelly stupid ugly alien".